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They were well-received, although there were, inevitably, some challenges to particular translation choices, and some outright errors were pointed out (and mostly taken care of in the “corrected” edition).

Both books had a supplement / expanded edition in 1969.

The Prologue and Epilogue to the "Laws of Hammurabi." are gone, although they would have helped clarify why Hammurabi's compilation is now considered more of a propaganda exercise, or a representation to the gods how good a king he was, than it was a working law book, to be consulted by judges.

I don't know how this and Volume II came into my possession, but know that I've been lugging it around in my personal library for almost thirty years, and I've read this volume before in the 1980s.قرات النسخه المترجمه للعربيه تحت عنوان اساطير بابليه اعجبتني بعض النصوص الاكدية اطعني ايها العبد ! يا سيدي نعم .سأحب امرأة .نعم ، احب يا سيدي فالرجل الذي يحب امرأة ينسى الالم و الشقاءلا ايها العبد ، لن احب امرأةلا تحب يا سيدي لا تحب فالمرأة بئر و المرأة خنجر حديد حاد تقطع رقبة الرجل :(Just sampling a few things, like The Deluge story, precursor to Noah. Pritchard's archaeological reputation began to be established by his excavations at a site called el- Jib (1956–1962).

A collection of translations of texts from the 2nd millennium to early 1st millennium BCE, and with photographs of artifacts accompanying those texts.

There are also notations of Bible versus which possibly correlated with the translated passages.

While looking for something else — I think some even older translations of Egyptian literature — I discovered that the Internet Archive ( has a copy of the complete third edition of ANET (i.e., the text, *not* the illustrations), which can be downloaded, free.


In fact, it appears several times, under the title of one or another section of the book, but all the files appear to be complete copies.And competent scholars have quoted its often felicitous translations for decades; some references I have come across were as recent as 2012 (albeit in a revision of work published in the 1980s).


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