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I was a kid back in the 80's, and I sniffed it at a department store perfume counter at the mall.I thought it was amazing back then, and I still think it's amazing today. To me, it smells like a blend of tuberose, leather, and grapes.Perhaps it's the bottle that's always influenced my opinion on that though.


It may also be reinforced by Yiddish because they were burned at the stake as punishment is an etymological urban legend.

★★★★ It has this artificial grapey,syrupy, powerful smell- Which sounds terrible I know but- Its so interesting.

it's definitely not for the people who likes fresh and light frags I can see why people hate it, it sort of feels like it'll choke you a bit- but I can also see why people love it.

It's very tuberose-forward, waxy at first, then buttered up by some berries.

When I bury my nose in this beast, I sense the woods and a spicy carnation. Poison and I went out to town together the other day, and I'm glad that I opted for two sprays under my shirt, because she radiated and the soapy sillage was perfect.

I researched the batch for my bottle; it's early 2000's, I believe.


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    TA: It will set new standards for what is expected of Play Station games in terms of using its hardware and in using graphics that look good on it.

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    Unable to identify any natural geological explanation for the cave’s existence, he eventually concluded that it was a “paleoburrow,” dug, he believes, by an extinct species of giant ground sloth.

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    Use our Online Dating Safety Tips to enjoy safe and successful online dating.

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    Good conversationalist, yet I like to listen as well as communicate. I enjoy helping others succeed as I believe that time spent apart helps keep things fresh in a relationship and makes the time we DO spend together even better.

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    He got some ads of Russian women, and I could tell pretty easy it was all scam.

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    Fortunately, as cannabis begins to slowly shed its stigma, so does the stigma of dating a stoner.

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