Daniella monet zuvic dating nachman hays and liquidating

Daniella Monet is mainly known for her amazing looks and a fabulous smile. She is born and raised in West Hills, California, the USA as Daniella Monet Zuvic. Daniella Monet also supported Ariana Grande's word to people to stop supporting Sea World after Grande saw Blackfish.

Daniella Monet is of Italian, Croation and Chilean ethnicity. Daniella Monet did an advertisement for them where she portrayed a mermaid when it came to telling people about human consumption of fish.

Daniella Monet has played in two movies “A Fairly Odd Movie” and “Fred 2” in 2011.

In 2012, she has played a role in “Fred 3” and “A Fairly Odd Christmas”.

With the talent, Daniella Monet has also replaced Jennette Mc Curdy as the character Bertha in Fred 2.

She has also played the role of Rebecca in the Nickelodeon comedy-drama series Zoey 101 and the supporting role of Inga Veinshtein in the 2007 movie "Nancy Drew".



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