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If you are looking for a good carriage clock by a very well respected maker, this Bourdin dating to around 1870 is superb! When ready, this rare clock will be sold with a 24 month guarantee (U. Stamped to the movement JTC for the Geneva Watch Co and numbered 56229 who were fine makers and produced a range of exquisite clocks, watches and timepieces. The clock strikes the hours and half hours on an early small gong and has the alarm facility. Pounds 170mm x 120mm x 105mm A large Jean Paul Garnier carriage clock with 'Chaffcutter' escapement. Pounds 120mm x 76mm x 16mm A fine gilt, Strut timepiece signed C. The original and fine fleur-de-lys hands and finely engraved dial with the basket of plenty below the six.

The large top glass shows the original, typical Drocourt escapement with push repeat button to the edge. There is much written about Paul Garnier in the book about Carriage clocks written by C. This fine clock is currently in careful restoration. Rear wound with a key, a 30hr jeweled lever movement contained within the gilt case and stand. Pounds 90mm x 40mm x 40mm A fine small carriage timepiece in solid silver by Mappin and Webb of London.

And dials can be dated by the style of the chapter ring, the spandrels, engravings, even screw heads.

For longcase clocks, if you let me have the name and place on the dial, I will undertake some research to help identify when it was made.

When you've finished, just close the new tab that opened and you will be back here again. If you can commit to that, send me a nice big cheque instead along with a description and include a note of the words and symbols that you see on your clock dial and on the movement inside.


However, a signature may refer to someone other than the clockmaker.Stars, for example, are common but the fourth image is from a French pendule de Paris movement by AD Mougin taken from a four glass clock whilst the fifth is from a German wall clock made by Junhans.Photographs are therefore much better than description but they're only useful if in focus.First, you cannot be sure that the dial is even original to the clock without making a careful study of the dial posts and even then it's not always certain.

For example, the very earliest longcase clocks had square dials but a new fashion for arched dials came along in the 1720s and as the fashion caught on, some clock dials were updated either with a new dial or by bolting on an arch.

19th century retailers and distributors often put their own names on clocks as an attempt to 'brand' their product.


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