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Dvorak believed that there were many problems with the original QWERTY keyboard pattern such as: The Dvorak pattern is intended for the English language.For other European languages, letter frequencies, letter sequences, and bigrams differ from those of English.However, the Dvorak principles have been applied to the design of keyboards for other languages, though the primary keyboards used by most countries are based on the QWERTY design.The pattern was completed in 1932 and granted It should be noted that as early as 1893, a keyboard layout for the Blickensderfer typewriter model 5 was developed by George Blickensderfer after careful analysis of the English language with very similar results for the home row keys.The carefully controlled study failed to show any benefit to the Dvorak keyboard layout in typing or training speed.Strong recommended speed training with QWERTY rather than switching keyboards, and attributed the previous apparent benefits of Dvorak to improper experimental design and outright bias on the part of Dvorak, who had designed and directed the previous studies.


During 19, Dealey attended seminars on the science of motion and later reviewed slow-motion films of typists with Dvorak.When a new school board was elected, however, it chose to terminate the Dvorak pattern classes.During World War II, while in the Navy, Dvorak conducted experiments which he claimed showed that typists could be retrained to Dvorak in a mere 10 days, though he discarded at least two previous studies which were conducted and whose results are unknown.Dvorak and Dealey meticulously studied the English language, researching the most used letters and letter combinations. The result during 1932 was the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard.

During 1933, Dvorak started entering typists trained on his keyboard into the International Commercial Schools Contest, which were typing contests sponsored by typewriter manufacturers consisting of professional and amateur contests.In contrast, the Dvorak's home row AOEUIDHTNS has the vowels on the left and replaces R with U.


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