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get Tag From Identifier And Title The most important part of our solution is the “get Tag From Identifier” function.This function finds the HTML element rendered by a given Share Point Form Field control.We have done an enormous work and I am very proud to showcase some of the features of our new product Share Point List Booster.List Booster works as an add-on on your regular out of the box Share Point list views (any lists and document libraries).You can still use different Java Script hacks (i.e.


Because we found this to be useful in many different cases throughout our applications, I wanted to share our method with you guys so that you can include it in the applications you develop. It’s pretty easy to set a field’s default value through the list settings in the browser UI, so why might you need Javascript to set a default field value?_sp Body On Load Function Names In most cases Share Point pages are based on a master page that contains the “body” element.


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