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Even poor Miss Bates (sitting at right below) shows more attempt at “styling”.This plain upswept chignon was adorned with simple curls in front of the ears, which would have helped Jodhi’s hairstyle immensely, making it seem more “authentic.” In this image, Blake Ritson wears his hair a la Brutus, a style commonly worn by men in the Regency era.Was her hair Quakerish on purpose so that she would not compete in beauty with Emma?At this point she is no longer a governess, but the mistress of her own house and can dress herself accordingly.Posted in Fashions, jane austen, Jane Austen's World, Movie review, Popular culture, Regency Life, Regency World, tagged Blake Ritson, Christina Cole, Emma 2009, Emma 2009 poll, Jodhi May, Jonny Lee Miller, Louise Dylan, Romola Garai on October 18, 2009| 30 Comments » The tension of the series comes not from the characters being marooned in stuffy Regency England, but from the bizarre twenty-first-century dating psychobabble.At some point, whoever created this very pretty 9 pm drama seems to have thrown the actual novel aside and adapted the work with exclusive reference to other Jane Austen adaptations and what they think middle-aged women want to down with their end-of-Sabbath Chardonnay.


Davies keeps the period details crisp and unfussy, using period photographs to great effect, such as in the striking sequence that traces the American Civil War.So it's especially intriguing to see him take on a biopic about the enigmatic American poet Emily Dickinson.Like her writing, the film has a moody, dry exterior that conceals a fiendishly sharp wit.Please feel free to agree or disagree with anything said in this post.

British writer-director Terence Davies (The Deep Blue Sea) is an expert at digging beneath the surfaces of his stories and characters.Count me as one of the viewers who is still sitting on the fence.


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