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Inevitably during those times, my sister and I ganged up on poor Linda, until she ran back across the street to her mother, crying and yelling, “I hate you, you dirty Nazis!” At the time, I honestly did not know what a Nazi was, though I did understand that it had something to do with the fact that we were German and that, whatever it was, it wasn’t good.Rabinyan said the rejection of "Borderlife" was ironic because "the novel deals precisely with the Israeli fear of assimilation in the Arab milieu within which we exist."Speaking to Army Radio, she joked that the ministry's decision would give her book a "push" in sales.For Immediate Release New York, March 7, 2017 - Beginning in 2017, the National Jewish Book Award for Holocaust studies and narratives will be named to honor the memory and legacy of the late Ernest W. Deported from his hometown of Manheim, Germany by the Gestapo at 16 years old, “Ernie” Michel escaped seven years later after the death march from Auschwitz to Buchenwald and dedicated the rest of his life to Jewish life and Holocaust remembrance.On one hand, I felt it was my duty to confront the reality of my personal history; on the other, I hoped for some kind of personal exoneration.But my parents and grandparents, like so many other survivors of the war, did not want to talk about it.The high intermarriage rate among American Jews has also added to the concerns.



In an interview with Army Radio, Fenig said having another book on the list that deals with relationships between Jews and non-Jews was a reason "Borderlife" was excluded.For more information, please visit contact the Jewish Book Council at [email protected] (212) 201-2920.


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