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Final word-ignore the comments and go on the thrill ride that is Doctor Stranger-you won't regret it.This is the only drama I have not skipped a boring conversation. writer and second the director right, surely they responsible in storyline, roles, etc.Kang Sora is not bad but somehow I think she's a bit overrated lol...(I still prefer Seyeonnie personally)...anyway I suppose people have different opinions..anyone who has not seen it yet and don't mind a try you might like it as much as me...enjoy time [email protected] since you will interested to watch jin se yeon works, if you don't like tragedies dramas of her, try to watch her webbie drama, High End Crush and The Flower in Prison if you want to watch a good dramas to her, yes your really right..I definetly like Han Seung Hee more than Dr Oh Soo Hyun in many ways... She would sacrifice a lot for hoon even her life..only weakness maybe perhaps is that she always want to die before hoon...Seung Hee was also very kind to Soo Hyun too...I don't dislike Dr Oh Soo Hyun, I can't like her as much as Jae Hee.

I come to watch it for Lee Jong Suk but end up liking Jin Seon Yeon and Park Hae Jin as well.i luv Hoonie character, he's a gr8 doc and so sad of his dad in first epis who was used in order for the hospital to avoid him in testifying for a job gone bad so to speak! I don't know why people don't like Han Seung Hee character...I mean Song Jae Hee aka Han Seung Hee...thing is I really like her character....i'm liking this drama altho am not keen in medic dramas but Park hae jin and LJS brought me here!

seems that even though this drama is about 3 yrs old a lot of fans are still coming to comment here, i know am late in watching it but they say better late than never!

I think she was too full of herself when she wasn't of anything that much except except that she was from a wealthy family...


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