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Finally thanks again to you and Perfect Wave, fortunately this time we didn’t create any emergencies for you to deal with but we travelled secure in the knowledge that had we needed assistance we would be in extremely capable hands. Going South was a great call early in the trip where we scored quality waves relative to each individuals surf ability.Benny is really passionate about keeping the boys at the break each day and seem to really click with our group.Paul Benbow (Benny) the “surf guide” was absolutely brilliant.


Huey has been operating in these waters since 1999, providing surfers with a variety of waves to suit all levels of ability.

Poor Ben Higgins was just trying to go on his hometown date in Warsaw, Ind.

— a fun night out of playing basketball with Lauren B. Crashing the date may be too strong of a description of what the Pacers crew did on the show, according to Todd Taylor, senior vice president/chief sales and marketing officer for the team. I guess you could say we crashed it, but it's not the intimate setting you might imagine," Taylor said.

All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers. The Huey was such a well run vessel, a real class act.

Hi Charlie, I just wanted to let you know we had such an awesome trip on board the Huey! I still can't believe the quality of food coming out of the kitchen.

His local knowledge of the relationship between weather and surf setups was icing on the cake. Benny the skipper and the Huey exceeded expectations.


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