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She wants to pay for therapy so she goes to the house of León and begins to work as his secretary.León is struck with her beauty and wants her and this only makes Oriana hate Estrella more.Victor Manuel learns that it was all a trap from León and decides to search for Estrella, but soon, he encounters the woman that he fell in love in the past—Coral.She was found alive on the shore in Playa Escondida, without any memory. He feels guilty about her situation and decides to help by letting her stay in his mansion.This strange woman steals Victor Manuel's heart, but their relationship ends when Victor Manuel learns that Coral was killed in a tragic boat explosion.Devastated and feeling guilty about the death of Coral, Victor Manuel returns to Playa Escondida, the town where he grew up.With stellar performances of the leading actors Juan Ferrara, Norma Herrera, Erika Buenfil, Raquel Olmedo, Sergio Reynoso, Ignacio Lopez Tarso and María Sorté.For Estrella (Zuria Vega), life is like the sea: full of danger and evil, but also has the ability to fight and move forward.

Drowned in a deep depression, he admits to Estrella that is he who caused so much damage to Casilda, and therefore, her father.

She attempts suicide by almost drowning herself, but some villagers rescue her.



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