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The Abbey has been creatively and beautifully renovated from a fort into 109 holiday apartments.Catering for many different requirements, these holiday homes are tastefully decorated, and also well furnished and fully equipped.A tour and tasting at Bruichladdich Distillery is followed by a visit to Finlaggan, home for hundreds of years to The Lords of the Isles, who ruled the seas and the islands of the West of Scotland.Free time for lunch in Port Askaig, the tiny ferry port for Jura.

Or even sit at the foot of Loch Ness and watch for the famous Nessie, because she’s actually really friendly when you get to know her!

As a guest of the Highland Club, you will have full and free access to all this and more!


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    Willlem Iskander mengutarakan maksudnya mendirikan sekolah guru di Mandailing, dan memohon bantuan Gubernur Jenderal agar cita-citanya itu terlaksana,” tulis Basyral Hamidy Harahap dalam Greget Tuanku Rao.

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    Christian Connection makes it easy to break the ice.

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