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Utilizing the same format as Pop Up Video, the show presented trivia questions inspired by the content of each music video shown; The 25th anniversary DVD release of The Rocky Horror Picture Show features a Pop Up video clip of one of the film's musical numbers, "Hot Patootie – Bless My Soul", as an extra on the second disc.

MSG Network currently airs a show called TXT MSG, which gives the "pop up" treatment to classic sporting events from MSG's library.

They spent the next two years making pitches of ideas for television shows to various networks; in late 1995, the original iteration of the show concept, titled Pop Up Videos, was sent to VH1 executives, alongside a number of other concepts making use of aspects of songs or music videos.

The pilot episode cost 00 to produce; the first video to be played on the show was Tina Turner's "Missing You".

It features a series of true/false questions on things regarding the theme of the video, and after a few seconds it shows "true" or "false". Sat is a movie channel, the videos are used as fill between movies.

Disney Channel occasionally uses Pop-Up styled videos during special airings of DCOMs, such as High School Musical 2 and Jump In! These are referred to as the "What's What Edition". featured a Pop-Up Video-style format to show satirical thoughts of how Carol Brady regarded scenes during episodes of The Brady Bunch; this was a non-Spin the Bottle production and had no involvement from anyone with the Brady Bunch series, including Florence Henderson.


The History channel's series Pawn Stars and its spinoff, Cajun Pawn Stars, also employ the use of pop-up style notes when explaining the item being sold or pawned. Vision (ADV Films) incorporated a feature on some of its DVD releases called "AD Vid-Notes," which provided trivia and cultural notes in pop-up bubbles when the feature was turned on.

The bad news: “I sent out our You Tube link with the video and some of our vendors are reposting, however, you’ll note at the end that there are a ton of ads that have nothing to do with us.

Is this something we can control the source URL, as in src=”// DEf GHi Jklm?

Special episodes of Pop Up Video aired throughout the series' run.


Many focused on specific artists, including VH1 staples Madonna, Culture Club, U2, Prince, and Elton John.

This is an official Spin the Bottle production, and Low is credited as an executive producer.


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