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Plumbers (and most handy homeowners) can complete this installation in hours!You can also save the huge expense of (and the mess) of breaking up and refinishing your walls and floors.An upflush toilet has been engineered to solve common bathroom installation problems.While their interiors are hardworking machinery, their exteriors are a fashionable complement to any decor.Normally, if I were just alone in the house with my parents, I wouldn't flush it so I don't wake them up.But, having guests and not wanting them to wake up to an unflushed toilet but also not wanting to wake them up at 1am (and I guarantee I would do because the toilet in question is right next to their room and it's a bloody noisy flush!), so I'm stuck a bit about what the common courtesy is here.


We have guests around at the moment and I've just had to go to the toilet.And no waste sits inside the unit like other brands.A quiet electric-powered pump moves the fine slurry upward under pressure.For one, you need to compare not just the price of the fixture, but total costs of the installation.


Remember that you are solving a complicated problem the easy way with an upflush unit. Now there's a solution for practically any discharge problem in plumbing.


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