Who is gemma atkinson currently dating


'"Gemma was also rumoured to reconcile with former fling, footballer Ryan Giggs, after she shared a picture of the two of them together having a meal.

She continued: "I'd much rather be on my own and be happy, than be in the wrong situation with the wrong person."I would love marriage and I would love kids, but not until I'm in a place where I'm ready for them."Gemma is not the only Strictly contestant surrounded by romance rumours.

Since then, this lady has appeared in a variety of TV projects.

Atkinson has also appeared in such movies are "Boogie Woogie," "13 Hours" and much more.


The actress and the football legend choose a very swish night in with cups of tea and Only Fools and Horses on the TV.After, when they broke up their relation, she got offered so much money to tell about Cristiano, but she didn't want that.



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